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  • I can’t stand, nay…I sincerely loath, cologne commercials. Who is duped by these nonsensical, entirely visceral, piles of stupid? 3 weeks ago
  • We are not thinking gender identity through. We ought to scientifically and sociologically consider implications. prageru.com/courses/politi… 2 months ago
  • I’ve been listening to too much pop music on the radio. My brain feels like mush. Need something with meaning for fall. Ideas? #NewMusic 2 months ago

My name is Breandan. I am twenty-seven, and married to a wonderful woman named Jill. I was born in the Chicago-land  area that I called home for eighteen years. It was there, during my freshmen year of high school, that my life radically change when I made a decision to follow Jesus. Later on, following God’s leading, I moved to Missouri to start my education, and subsequently, my journey into full time vocational ministry. Ministry is both my commission, job, and hobby; other than that, I enjoy woodworking, reading, writing, being creative, and enjoying my Father’s creation.


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