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My Inside

My Inside

The knife glides slowly now,
Open me up and see what’s inside.
Past the flesh and beneath the bone,
The truth of my heart lies there beside.

Focus, don’t miss a thing,
Know it’s hard to interpret the find,
Concentrate and you’ll truly see,
Full of vision, now has been left blind.

Confusing and tangled,
Reach your hand within this disarray
Love, comfort, resides in your touch,
I never wanted to be this way.

Its pulse slow and heavy,
This reality has paralyzed.
My dream of dreams evaporates,
Check it again, not sure I’m alive.

Defibrillation fails,
Only you bestow the miracles.
Have you been saving one for me?
For I need you now to squelch the squalls.

I know you know what’s best,
And you plan for me is victory.
But knots in my chest won’t subside.
And my legs are probing me to flee.

Please do what you do best,
Ill let your love fill this tangled mess.
I know it’s real and never fails,
So sew me up and provide my rest.

I’m here for one reason,
Remove the “my” and “I” diversion
I see the doors now are open,
Let me focus now, to share your Son.

This injury is deep,
And surgery is never pleasant.
But when the anesthesia fades,
Ill be much stronger than the present.

I know, I know, I know,
But some times it’s difficult to see.
You have your time, and I have mine,
So Ill dream my dream so patiently.


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