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Another Broken Man

What can I say that hasn’t already been said,
Through the songs, poems, and hymns that I have read.
I didn’t talk to You yesterday, I was stubborn instead.
Like there is a conceivable reason for me to be upset.

I wish I could see myself through those eyes of Yours,
Ungratefully me, always wanting more.
Yet for some great reason unknown, Your love will always implore.
Through its magnitude a supplication, never You, I’m the hor.

Day after day I turn my back, I run, I bluff.
Night after night until my heart erupts.
So what is it about me, have I not spat on you enough?
And so to not risk belittling, I will stop with that, shed the slough.

Pardon I request, for my short attention span.
I lost sight on this pity caravan
Please shed some light on the truth that you have always had a plan.
You don’t need to answer my questions, You’re the God and I’m the man.

Can I praise you now, a way that’s never been done
I will write until my fingers blood runs,
I will sing to the heavens till’ my chords explode and then some.
I wish to never stop praising, but o’ wait, distraction, I’m gone.

Truly it is, “Amazing grace how sweet the sound!”
It saved this wretch and turned my life around!
Your mercy rag never runs out, wiping my sin, I’m not proud.
For whatever Your reasons are, I don’t care, let our love abound!

How awesome it is, that you raised the Son of Man!
True sacrifice yes, but victory stands.
And so I lay here now, ready to refocus on Your plan.
So I lay here now, as I always have, another broken man.


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