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A.M. Reminder

The blinds are no match for the rays of the sun.
Bursting forth with little consideration,
Crawling cross the floor and the sheets on the bed,
Ripping through your eyelids creeping in your head.

Awake o’ sleeper to the glorious morn,
Take time to think before you start with the scorn.
For you eyes opened this day, your lungs drew in.
Capillaries satisfied, pulse pounding trim.

Already you’re blessed beyond those in the ground,
This truth taken for granted becomes profound.
Because, o’ sleeper, you have been failing to see,
The beauty of life, a gift you received free.

So stop with the murmurs, arise from your bed.
Realize this fact, that you decide what’s ahead.
Yesterdays over, today’s canvas is clear,
Will you pick up your cross, or cower in fear?

True, you don’t control all the facets of life,
But you still choose the wrong, or fend for the right.
Will you lie in this bed, for hours to come?
Or wake and progress, improve this lost world some?

So make up your mind, you do not have all day,
Time doesn’t linger stop wasting it away.
Today is the day, if not your defeated,
Early surrender is only repeated.

Now the choice is all yours, but never forget.
The lost remain lost, unless you remain lit.
So don’t take for granted this twenty four block.
Preach, love, and serve till your hearts ticked it last tock.


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