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God I Love You

The silence in this apartment resonates.
The absence of sound is louder than I’d anticipate,
A constant nagging reminder of the truth I ignore,
The lonesome hum of nothing is a reverb I abhor.

Starving for interaction of any kind.
Churning to converse, no specifications in my mind.
Prayer is an escape, a lovely comfort to sooth my soul.
Your presence fills these walls, Father you provide, you console.

So what is ‘alone’? A word that I should know?
No, alone is a verb that looses meaning in your throw.
So whatever reason it is, I lay in bed alone,
My mistake or your design, your existence will atone.

Shut up silence I’m tired of your groaning,
Ill bow my head, close my eyes, to vanquish silence moaning.
This reality now rings, sinking deeper in my mind,
Filling my heart, my soul, bringing me to feel sublime.

God I love you…


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