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Transparent chests exposing the beat
Hearts on display for all to see
Expand, contract with poise and ease
The beauty of which transcends defeat

Broken the first, to cloud clarity
Crushed a second, retreat and flee
Shattered third, striping honesty
Destroyed alas, forgotten what’s free

This muscular mass, stapled and stitched
Vulnerability vanquished
This painted chest, blackened and thick
Transparency, a fictional wish

As the breath of life entered mans lungs,
Was this design before begun?
Or was innocence lost there from,
The hour when lies of darkness were spun.

From the womb unconditionally
When was the point when this love seised?
When we forgot true tendency,
We were built to love, and love easy.

Yes, history has, beaten its beat.
Transformed love to meaningless meat,
But He says: “Cast it all on me,”
You were built to love and love easy.

Release your burden, proclaim your plea
Forgive all unapposingly
Let love flow as river to sea.
Because we’re built to love, love easy.


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