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I am restless,
As I lie on my pillow top mattress.
I am angry,
As I gaze at my LCD T.V.
I’m disgusted,
With thermostat comfortable adjusted.

For this is when,
Luxury transforms into burden.
For this is when,
Girls are sold as sex slave to perversion.

And who am I,
As I live without a cloud in my sky.
And who am I,
To be concerned with myself while they cry.

Feeling useless,
Can these hands change lethargy to progress?
Feeling careless,
As my thoughts drift from this to selfishness.

Born into freedom and wealth unswerving.
Not deserving,
Their lives stolen, replaced with suffering.

Needing valor,
Battle rages forth in technicolor.
Seeking valor,
Doubts illuminating my hearts decor.

Faith is needed,
To transcend doubt as lies are repeated.
Faith is pleaded,
Apprehension must be superseded.

I’m disgusted,
But will fight till’ freedom is adjusted.
I am angry,
There is no peace is self prosperity.
I am restless,
And will be till’ all are brought to justice.
I am restless.


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