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A Moment in Time

Once upon a moment in time,
A sentence was formed that changed the line.

A word was tongued that pierced a heart;
Sparked emotions that flew of the charts.

All of a sudden tears where formed,
Children were weeping as though forlorn.

Then evil breed and bore a son,
Whose intent was clearly destruction.

And all because a mouth was shaped,
In a way that opened up the gate.

Chords vibrated and lungs exhaled,
Forcing sound past fragile lips of braille.

Feeling the words upon the lips,
Watching them fly and knowing the slip.

Seeing them land on open ear,
Intent was unmistakably clear.

Without warning all came undone,
Through spoken form like a blasting gun.

Attempts were made to turn around,
Erase the moment with vacant sound.

But the poison was all to quick,
Infecting the soul and spreading thick.

Then transfered from one to the next,
Echoing its malicious effects.

So prayers were made, scripture was read,
But hearts were stone, and the lies mislead.

So because this moment in time,
Was all but a victimless crime.

The line became solidified,
Where it was, it no longer resides.

And all thats left is what’s to learn,
To shut a mouth and let notions churn.

For the tongue is just what it says,
A rudder, bit, a flame unsuppressed.

Its power is raw, ripe, and real.
So close the lips and discern their seal.


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