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Until Death

There was a day.
A day when I walked the isle.
A day when I peered into your eyes.

I spoke the vows.
Vowed in sickness and in health,
And for richer or poorer.

I understood.
The weight of the words escaping,
As my lungs exhaled with meaning.

And until death,
Which is a choice that I made,
A choice you made possible.

So here I wait,
Until life’s hand releases,
It’s clenched grip upon my soul.

And I wonder,
If the vows that graced my lips,
Will be fulfilled through the end.

I know yours will.
Because your promise will not fail.
Because you swore by your name.

But as for me,
Well, I have tried to remain,
Faithful through uncertain times.

And as you know,
I have not always come through.
And you’ve seen my broken vows.

But love endures,
Because the grace and mercy,
Your forgiveness has allowed.

So, until death,
Plays on repeat in my mind.
For I will not surrender.

For until death,
Is when your vows will perfect,
This union of your design.

Then after death,
Is when our life will begin.
And it can not be taken.


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