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The Groaning Within

There I was sitting within a situation,
A precarious tension was feeding frustration.

Tears formed in my eyes while I attempted to screen.
My heart broken in two as I observed the obscene.

Soaking in the gray that saturated my soul,
It’s so hard to discern without inspired counsel.

So, what’s one to do when resolve is not to choose?
When moves to correct are thwarted with social taboos.

The answer, simple, yet beyond comprehension;
God’s Spirit will groan with the most Holy intentions.

Some call it a conscience so as to not recognize,
The divine power behind His pure heavenly cries.

They move me in ways I could never imagine,
They bring peace to my soul when it’s jaded by sin.

It’s a feeling, knowing, an assurance inside,
The full capacity of which I can not describe.

It’s moments like these when I start to understand,
The magnificent love that is achieved in His hand.

Thus, the source of the tears began to run dry,
As I discovered more deeply, His power inside.

This groaning from within, which is on my on my behalf,
Will guide my decisions when the gray is overcast.


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