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CCCB Snow Day

Steven and I just had the opportunity to go up to Central Christian College to teach a breakout class for jr. and sr. higher’s for the College’s Snow Day event. Now, being someone who primarily “preaches,” this was a bit of a challenge. Teaching is a lot different from preaching. On top of this, Steven wanted to co-teach this lesson together which presents challenges on a different level. It requires good planning and the ability to mesh our styles together to present one lesson to a diverse group of students as one voice. Needles to say, it was an adventure, and an adventure that I had a great time being a part of.

We packed our trendy tables and presentation stuff, along with our ladies, into the car this morning and headed off. It was great to experience some positive nostalgia at my old stomping grounds while hanging out and having good fellowship with friends, and the privilege of being able to share the passion I have for living a life for Christ with teens who desperately need Him was a blessing.

In our lesson we said a lot of things, but it all boiled down to one big idea: We can have a profound impact in our lives, and the world around us if we live in the light of God (Ephesians 5:9-16). This truth resonates with me as a person who desperately wants to make an impact on my family, friends, co-workers, students, and all those I come into contact with on a daily basis.

The take away for me from our lesson is simple: be ready. This day was a simple example of the truth that God is always providing us with opportunity to be reckless with our love. The door opened to teach (not a particular gift set that I have mastered yet), so I walked through. Then hey, why not make a day out of it and have some encouraging fellowship with my wife, Steven, and Presley. It seems like a no brainer. With all things there is opportunity to bring glory to God. With all things there is a way to bring encouragement and light to the people around us.

Every day when we wake up we have a decision to make, will I pick up my cross and take advantage of all this day brings, or will I go about my day wasting countless opportunities to bring about change. Change can happen through fellowship with friends. Change can happen through teaching a lesson. Change can happen simply by living as the children of light God called us to be. Then of course, change can happen through moments when we decide to share God’s hope and peace with those we meet along the way.

The words of a fellow student minister always ring true: “It’s not about our ability, it’s about our availability.” If we make ourselves available to God, he will impact our world through us each and every day. So, after teaching this today, I am set on bringing discipline to my morning. I want to start off everyday making myself available to God. I’ll wait, I’ll watch, and when God present opportunities, I’ll move. Simple.


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