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Prayer Journey

Jill and I are going to be driving to Ansonia, CT next Thursday May 2nd and Friday May 3rd for another visit. During our visit we are going to be meeting the congregation, and working out some logistics of the transition. We have decided that along the way we are going to stop in every state we drive through to pray specifically for different things regarding our move to Connecticut. I am posting this so that you can partner with us in prayer as we make the journey. We are using each states motto as a theme for our prayer. As we make the trip I will be posting updates on Facebook, and you can use the following as a guide:

Missouri: Salus populi suprema lex esto (The welfare of the people shall be the supreme law)

Pray that we would live God’s supreme laws: Love the lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength; and love your neighbor as yourself. Also, that in doing so, we will be continually focused on the welfare of the people of Ansonia and the surrounding area.

Area for personal growth: Love

Estimated Time: 8:00 AM May 2nd

Illinois: State Sovereignty, National Union

Pray for the unity of the church in Ansonia and the Church as a whole, for though we are independent congregations, we are one Church with one hope, one faith, and one baptism.

Area for personal growth: Patience, understanding, and grace.

Estimated Time: 11:30 AM May 2nd

Indiana: The Crossroads of America

Pray for God’s wisdom in the leading of the congregation at Ansonia. With every crossroads, God provides direction. The leaders of the church must actively seek God’s direction in His word, prayer, counsel, and circumstance.

Area for personal growth: Personal time with God and humility.

Estimated Time: 2:30 PM May 2nd

Ohio: With God, All Things are Possible

Pray that Jill and I, and the leaders of the church, would not be afraid to lead by faith. Too often church leaders only make calculated logical decisions. God frequently calls his people to take leaps of faith into the improbable, and even the impossible.

Area for personal growth: Faith and discernment.

Estimated Time: 5:30 PM May 2nd

West Virginia: Montani semper liberi (Mountaineers are always free)

This is a tough one, as I presumed West Virginia would be. Being that mountaineers go through great struggle to climb higher, pray that we would persevere in times of struggle knowing that in continuing to reach toward God, we have true freedom.

Area for personal growth: Perseverance and optimism.

Estimated Time: 9:00 PM May 2nd

Pensilvania: Virtue, Liberty, and Independence

Virtue is a quality that one rises to, where liberty and independence are given by a governing authority. Pray that Jill and I would be virtuous. We want to be people who strive after moral character and produce all the fruits of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23). At the same time, pray that we would have peace in the truth that regardless of what we do or what is done to us, the liberty we have been given through Christ cannot be taken from us.

Area for personal growth: Listening and introspectiveness.

Estimated Time: 1:30 AM May 3rd

New York: Excelsior (Ever Upward)

Pray that we would be able to fix our gaze at where we are going and not where we are now. Too often churches get stuck where they are, afraid to change, adapt, or improve. We want the church to, as home depot would put it, never stop improving. We must move ever upward. Ever creating lasting and beneficial community, ever reaching out to the lost, ever growing spiritually, ever growing numerically, ever changing where change needs to be made.

Area for personal growth: Humility and boldness.

Estimated Time: 11:30 AM May 3rd

Connecticut: Qui transtulit sustinet (He who is transplanted still sustains.)

We are being transplanted, and there are unknowns in this process. We are relying on God to provide and sustain us. We don’t necessarily want you to pray for God’s provision, as God’s provision is a promise not needing prayer. We want you to pray for our contentedness in His provision, whatever it may be.

Area for personal growth: Faith and contentedness.

Estimated Time: 12:30 PM May 3rd


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