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Three Months & Counting

I first and foremost want to thank all of those who are supporting my ministry here, both with prayers and financially. God is doing big things here, and your support is being used in the process. I also want to say that from here forward, I will be sending out and posting these updates on the last week of every month to keep everyone updated on the kingdom work being done here at High Acres Christian Church.

My first three months here have been extremely exciting. Through the church there have been five new believers that have come to Christ through belief, confession, repentance, and baptism. Furthermore the new believers are either being discipled or on track to being discipled through our one on one discipleship program. One of the major focuses of this church is growing Christians up in their faith from infancy to parenthood, and I am privileged to be a part of that discipleship process.

My main focus since I have arrived has been in launching our home groups. The mission of our home groups is simple: they exist to connect people to God, each other, and to their purpose as Christians. As a church grows it becomes increasingly difficult for believers to have the close knit community that they need for encouragement, correction, and growth. These home groups are the medium where we resolve this issue. In our home groups, which began the week of September 9th, believers meet in each others homes to study the bible and invest into each others lives.

This year we are using the format of biblical story telling to dig into God’s word on a weekly basis. For the past two months we have laid out a journey through the book of Exodus where Christians in these home groups will be challenged greatly by God’s word. The two big themes are “leaving a life of slavery behind,” and “letting God’s truth direct you into a better life.”

We kicked off our home groups with an event called home group throw down. This was an extremely fun way to build excitement, and engage our church to get plugged in.

When we launched home groups a few weeks back, we did so with four healthy groups, and plan to have one or two more develop by January.

In addition to planning and launching our home groups I have been heavily invested in generating vision for our ministries here at High Acres. Giving each ministry a crystal clear focus, and mapping out their mission and purpose will go a long way in keeping people invested in the kingdom work they are doing through those ministries. We want everything we do, from greeting at the doors, to witnessing to our community through our bridging projects to be focused on building up God’s kingdom and giving Him the glory. He is an awesome God and He deserves our very best.

It has also been a tremendous blessing to begin the process of making our Sunday morning worship time excellent. Sunday mornings are purely about worshiping God, and keeping worship as the focus must be a continual effort.

On Sunday mornings we have recently wrapped up a series centered on our identity in God. This coming Sunday I will begin preaching a series titled “Be More Awesome.” This series is about being awesome because God is awesome, being holy because God is holy. Through it we will be exploring three of God’s attributes where we see the most need for growth here at High Acres. Those who know me, know that the one thing that gets me excited more than anything else is preaching God’s word, and I am excited to have the opportunity to do this more in the future.

The last thing I want to share with you all regarding my first three months here, is how much of a blessing it has been to be working with Jim Wegner, Kevin Daniels, and the elders here at High Acres. I am not sure how long honeymoon periods are supposed to last, but I don’t see this one ending any time soon. It is sad that we don’t always find leaders who are genuinely sold out for doing God’s work at whatever the cost. At High Acres, that is not the case. These men are “all in,” and heavily engaged in this ministry. Together with God guiding our footsteps I have every reason to believe that there are big things in store. I am living on the edge of my seat eagerly waiting to see what God does next.


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