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It was around April when the concept of moving to Connecticut to get involved with the ministry here at High Acres really began to take shape. Neither Jill nor I had any real idea how it would all unfold, but we did and do believe that God was and is fully behind it. We were hopeful. We were hopeful that Jill would find a job before we moved out here, that didn’t happen. We were hopeful that it would only be a few short months until we were moving into our own home, that didn’t happen. We were hopeful that our financial situation would play out exactly as planned, that didn’t happen. For all that didn’t happen the way we were hoping though, God has been doing immeasurably more.

Hind sight is always twenty twenty of course; so it sure is awesome to look back on an opaque transition and see the full capacity of what was in store for us.

What was in store for us was an amazing ministry that we can both pour our hearts into while at the same time feeling good that our gifts are being used as they should, and experiencing the joy that results from that. Moreover was a job for Jill in the ER at a hospital that strongly values education. This is a job the she has been longing for, and can be excited about knowing that it’s future is bright. Even more, what was in story for us, was God’s provision during a financially uncertain period.

Through this process our marriage, finance, and most importantly our faith has grown stronger, and I could write pages upon pages of all the details that happened in perfect sequence to allow for that statement to be true. Which leads to the overarching lesson that we have learned this year.

God is sovereign. He is fully in control, and fully powerful to see His promises through.

It is amazing to us the fun we have had, the excitement we have experienced, and the joy that has been multiplied in what the world would see has a hard and uncertain situation. Often we say that through the storms God leads us to clear skies, or through the valleys God leads us to the mountain tops. What is to be said though, when the forecast calls for storms, and there is not a cloud in the sky, or when we walk through the valley to find that there is as much beauty here as we could hope for at that top.

All this to say, Jill and I have seen God at work. Through the separation our appreciation for one another has grown exponentially. Through our living situation God has allowed us to save so that we can move into a home of our own. Then, through what we thought was a long wait, we learned that God was expediting a job opportunity to happen and the exact perfect time when many RN’s here in Connecticut are struggling. In fact, one of the women in Jill’s training group has been looking for about three years for employment. God is good, and His way is perfect. We are excited to continually fallow Him into capacities that we could not even dream. That’s not to say that life will never be difficult, but that if we continue in the faith, God’s sovereign will is more than we can fathom.


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